Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sick kids

Tuesday, M off of school because she was up sick during the night, today B is home sick because she was coughing like a seal in heat last night. I hope this is the end of the sickies!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New year!

I thought for sure that I *just* turned the calendar over to 2008. How did we get to be in the middle of the month already? Sheesh.

Again, slacking in the blogging department. How did that happen? Oh yes, work, kids, husband, know, the usual. I hope to get back on the wagon again though. I really like doing it, it just gets forgotten about, unfortunately.

So things are going well here. J is enjoying Scouts, B is doing gymnastics, as is M. Mike is now taking guitar lessons on Friday nights and so far he is enjoying that. I don't have anything regular like they do. I'm planning on Thursdays to be my *me* nights, like to go out with friends and whatnot, but so far, last Thursday the whole family had dentist appointments (ouch on the credit card!), this Thursday I have to go and renew my driver's license, and the last Thursday of the month I have a parent council meeting. Go me! @@ Maybe February will be better. Maybe.

Our house right now is totally on a Hannah Montana kick. First I couldn't get any of the High School Musical music out of my head, now it's Hannah Montana songs. Of course, the High School Musical 2 songs I always have in my head is because we have the CD in the van, and I secretly listen to it when I'm driving by myself! lol I have two favourites that I could play over and over. But, I won't embarrass myself anymore than I have to. Let's just say, a good chunk of the time, HSM music is in my head, and leave it at that.

But the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tour movie with the Jonas brothers is all B can talk about. She is totally, obliviously obsessed. But I like it. And I'm okay with that. I love having a girlie girl. :o) We may have to go and see that on the big screen together. Just because.

I have another wake to attend tonight, unfortunately. Second one this year already. :o( And I have to go with my daddy to this one, because my mom is in Southern Ontario for the week. My dad does NOT like wakes, funerals or anything having to do with death. It should be interesting to see how he does.

Off to go and find something for supper now. Oh joy!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Thanksgiving has always been a very non-traditional holiday for us. One year, we went up to a friend's cottage as a family, and had spaghetti. One year, we all made sandwiches. Last year my parents and us went to Moxie's for a mid-day lunch, and then back to their place for pumpkin pie.

Well, this year, we had Chinese food at mom and dad's. :o) And of course, mom's homemade pumpkin pie. And it was wonderful to be together for the afternoon just chillin'.

Now after the kids have been off for four days, they are back at school. Hurray! It is nice and quiet at home. *sigh*

Things have been busy here. Not only did we have the non-traditional Thanksgiving yesterday, but Sunday Mike and I went to a wedding reception, Saturday I went out with my mom and some friends of ours for an afternoon tea, and Friday afternoon I braved the grocery store with the girls for two hours. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

On the J front, I got two more phone calls last week from two more teachers at his school. He really seems to be struggling with his social abilities at school. I hope we can get him some help soon before this term is a total washout. It breaks my heart that I can't do more for him at this point, but we are trying what we can.

B is doing well at school. Bringing home perfect test scores and accalades from the teacher. I'm happy she is adjusting to life in grade 3 well.

M started with the new jk/sk split class last Monday. She goes to school in the mornings now. Which works out really well from my standpoint, since mornings are usually busier at work for me. So the less noise in behind me, the better. But she seems to be taking it all in strides with a new teacher, new class, new cubby.......... She likes change too. Just like her dad. ;o)

Speaking of him, he's off to Montreal tomorrow night for a day of training with the new phone systems for his work. So it's just me and the puppies in bed on Wednesday night! They love that. They have so much room to stretch out next to me. hehehe

Mike went up to the trailer on Sunday with my dad, J and M to close it down. Things seem to have gone well. So, we won't see the fruits of our payments until next spring. lol But, at least it is safe and covered from the elements for the winter. Nothing like having a 40 foot tarp over your trailer. And come spring too, the whole thing will smell like candycanes. Mike put little cups of peppermint all over the place, since he read somewhere that critters don't like the smell of it. We'll see how that goes.

Work for me is going well. I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't taken the ability to actually leave the computer yet. Too afraid that I'll miss a call. But, maybe soon. :o)

Tonight the girls have gymnastics. So I'll be sitting in there for two hours. Hopefully my mom will come and sit with me for awhile. It's much more fun to spend the time chatting!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Has it really been that long since I have posted anything here?? Gosh! I must get back to using it I suppose. *sigh*

Well, let's see.........first off, I'm no longer doing daycare. My last day was August 31st. It went by fairly smoothly and uneventful. Which was fine. I was happy to see my frustrations with other people's children fade away. lol

As of next Monday, I will be a home phone operator for Bloomex. I have gone in to the office a couple of times and pretty much have my wits about me for what needs to be done. I'm looking forward to starting that.

My kids are now in grade 7, grade 3 and senior kindergarten. I have already gotten two phone calls from J's French teacher about him not paying attention in class and bothering the other kids. I'm not sure what to attempt at this point with him. I guess I should be talking to his guidance councillor in the next little bit.

B is doing well in grade 3. Although, she has been waiting for a long time to get the teacher that she has because everyone loves her so much, and she's pregnant. So she'll be leaving in January or February. Ugh. Just B's luck. Oh well. She pretty much swings with the punches, so I'm sure she'll be okay.

M is in the afternoon this year. I now totally remember why I hate afternoon kindergarten...........starting at 8:50 she's asking *Is it lunchtime yet?* and keeps asking about 400 times until it actually is lunchtime! lol Oh well. This is my last year with any kids at home for any great amount of time. All three will be full days next September. :o) Now ask me how excited I am for that?? lol

M is still loving his job. I think this is the place that he will be at for the long haul. Maybe not 20 years, but at least a lot of years. I'm pretty happy that he is enjoying himself.

Oh, and we bought a trailer. A forty foot trailer. lol We bought it from my uncle who hadn't used it at all after he bought it last year. So we'll see if we enjoy it for the season, and then decide what to do with it come the end of next year. Something different for the family to experience. Maybe new memories and some fun times for us and our friends. So, we'll see. But M is pretty hyped about it! He gets to putter. lmao!

J is back in Scouts, and B and M are back in gymnastics this session. It isn't cheap having your kids in activities, but when they love it, it makes it all worth it!! Oh, and basketball starts soon too, and they are looking forward to that as well.

That's about it from our end. I don't know if I even have anyone around, but I promise to write in more often. :o)

Peace and be well!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My creativity juices are flowing, but I have no place to create.

Guess I'll just do laundry instead. :o(

I just can't stop checking! Damn addictive personality of mine..........

Monday, March 19, 2007


Did you ever have one of those days when you yearn for your youth again? Those carefree days when you could just go and do anything at all with whoever was your friend, or boyfriend at the time?

I think I had one of those nights. I couldn't stop thinking about all of the people who passed through my high school years. And then wondering what happened to all of them. I SO wish email was around so readily when I graduated high school in 1992.

Today is Shawn Belanger's birthday. The first boy who I had an all out crush on when I was in the seventh grade. He was in the eighth grade, but he was friends with some of our friends. I was 12, and he was 13 when I kissed him for the first time on the hill behind my parent's house. He felt guilty for weeks because one of his friends was totally in love with me. So he didn't talk to me after that for very long. He ended up getting a bloody nose and black eye from his friend after he told him what happened on the hill. Hard to believe that I had that kind of impact on another 13 year old.

Don't get me wrong, I love my life. My husband. My kids.

Some days I just wish we could have a do-over, to experience some things that we wished we had, or erase some that we wish we hadn't. But then be able to come back to our lives now. Of course, that would never work, because how we got to this present moment all falls on the events that happened in our past in the exact way that they happened.

Happy 35th birthday Shawn! Wherever you may be.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March fun

So tomorrow is the first day of March Break. Mom of N and Z picked them up on Friday afternoon and laughed at me because she was going to spend the week in her pajamas, but I'm going to have the boys here all week long. What is wrong with that woman?? If I worked so much and never saw my kids, and I had a whole week off, I would love to do things with my kids. Guess I'm just weird that way. @@ Monday we are going to take the bus to the mall to see Little Ray's Reptiles. :o) Always a good time. And we are going to stay there for lunch too. So I only have to think of four lunches to feed all six of them. hehe That works for me! Started reading *Blood or Chocolate* last night. I like it! I didn't know that it was a young adult book when I bought it. But I'll save it for Brianna when she's older and she can enjoy it too. Now I want to see the movie. I'm sure it will be out on DVD soon. I hope the weather cooperates for this week. I'd like to get out a couple of days and either go tobaganning or walking. If you don't hear from me for awhile, it's because I'm too busy, or too tired, to be on the computer. ;oP